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HIGH WATERMARK SALO[O]N Volume 2, Number 4

Over The Banks

Mort Malkin , Tracey Gass Ranze & Sheila M. Dugan

Created for an exhibit and performance at the High Watermark Salo[o]n, this collection by the Milanville Poets, UnLtd. features NoBrush, One Color, But Balance by Mort Malkin. Etchings, woodcuts and drawings accompany his poems, Where the Compass Stars Led. Tracey Gass Ranze's Merging Waters and Sheila M. Dugan's The Calm The Rush provide a rich lyric landscape of beauty and activism. In performance, muscian Ed Nocera accentuates their words with sounds-scapes from his Tile-A-Phone.

MORT MALKIN is a formally trained poet and painter. His poems have appeared in a variety of literary and specialty journals and in plain old newspapers and magazines. His chapbook, Data-Matter-O, published before his hair became gray in these fierce times, has been favorably reviewed.

SHEILA M DUGAN | Mother of five, grandmother of five, defense attorney, I live with my cats and books in a big yellow house on the Delaware. I eat meat, drink red wine, and sleep under flannel sheets and electric blanket where I crouch and write from 5:30 to 7:30 a.m. while the woodstove heats. I prefer summer to winter, autumn to spring. Ten books I’d take to a desert island are: The Lives of a Cell; Three by Annie Dillard; Bird by Bird; Peace Pilgrim; Living Buddha, Living Christ; Webster’s Dictionary; Sourcebook of Women’s Poetry; The Little Prince; Phenomenon of Man; Cosmos.

TRACEY GASS RANZE is a member of The Milanville Poets, UnLtd. and the Upper Delaware Writer’s Collective (UDWC). Her poetry appears in various publications including three chapbooks of the UDWC; Gatherings, Collective Memory and Wheel. She has been a guest poet for the Wayne County Arts Alliance, PA. Gass Ranze’s poetry has also been featured on WJFF’s Public Radio programs Jeff Horse and Ink in the Air. In 1981, she received dual B.S. degrees in Special Ed., V.I. and Elementary Ed. from Kutztown University, PA and works as an itinerant Teacher of the Visually Impaired. Gass Ranze lives in Milanville, Pennsylvania on a mountain top along the Delaware River with her husband, Mike, where they have been raising their four sons, Cole, Leif, Sage and Skye.

Ed Nocera had worked as a ceramic sculptor and architectural restoration professional in the New York metropolitan area. He now resides in Milanville where he specializes in designing and creating ceramic art -- art tile, sculpture, glaze painting and pottery. Also a percussionist, Ed became aware of the sounds given off by the different ceramic art tiles he made. He developed a percussion instrument made of art tile and calls it the Tile-A-Phone.

Mort Malkin

Sheila M. Dugan

Tracey Gass Ranze

Ed Nocera