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HIGH WATERMARK SALO[O]N Volume 2, Number 3

Ron DeLuca, Tom Lisenbee & Lois Deluca

RON DELUCA retired after forty-four years in the advertising business. His experience includes art director, writer, creative director, operating officer, president. He wrote his first stories in college and put them in a shoe box after a handful of rejections and becoming pitifully addicted to eating. He wrote much of and supervised all of the creative work for two resurrections of Chrysler and the enthronement of Lee Iacocca. After retirement he wrote a book on his experiences in the business which became so focused on Lee Iacocca it was old news and never published. Since then he has taken up writing his personal stories again. One story, “Stone Man Willy,” was published by Bright Hill Press. He intends self-publishing a book of his stories for his primary audience, his family. Ron is a graduate of Pratt Institute, Syracuse University, and has a degree in psychology from The New School University of New York City.

THOMAS LISENBEE, a small town (pop 2500) Kansas boy gone east in 1963, first to Europe as a musician, then back across the ocean in 1966 to live in Brooklyn. Until 2001 playing the trumpet was how he defined himself: NY City Opera (Principal Trumpet), American Ballet Theater, Mostly Mozart Festival, etc, etc. But no trumpeter’s lip lasts forever, so in 2001 Tom decided it was time to give writing a try. Luckily for him he discovered the Upper Delaware Writer’s Collective and Mary Greene to show him how. He has published five short stories to date, numerous poems and is working on a play and a novel. In 2006, one of his stories was short listed for the Raymond Carver Short Story Prize. That story is the basis for his novel.

LOIS DELUCA is a graduate of Syracuse University School of Fine Arts. She studied drawing with Hans Hofmann, woodcuts with Antonio Frasconi, and etching with Stanley Hayter. Lois has written and illustrated, with woodcuts, the children’s book How Big Am I. She illustrated The Butterflies of the White Mountains of New Hampshire written by Warren J. Kiel, for the New Hampshire Audubon Society and published by Globe Pequot Press. The butterfly paintings have been exhibited by the New Hampshire Audubon Society, at the Bright Hill Press Gallery in Treadwell, New York, at the Kirkland Town Library in Clinton, New York, and by the Big “D” Art League in Hancock, New York. Nature and nature drawing have been lifelong interests. She currently lives with her husband in Hancock, New York, on a hill, surrounded by the old fields and woods she loves where, every day, she can “caress the details.”

49 pages

20 color images