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HIGH WATERMARK SALO[O]N Volume 2, Number 2

Judith Present & Cass Collins

Created for an exhibit and performance at the High Watermark Salo[o]n, this chapbook features Ghosts of the South, montages and monologues by Judith Present and Fresh Oil, Loose Stone, poems and photographs by Cass Collins. Present's monologues transport readers from 1802 to 1965 as we travel from a southern plantation to a safe haven in Canada. River Muse, Cass Collins keeps readers closer to home on the banks of the Delaware River or along the Hudson. Her poems chart private reverie as well as public disaster.

JUDITH PRESENT was a resident playwright in NYC at the American Renaissance Theatre where she wrote numerous plays, learned to act and direct. She took her talents with her to the Upper Delaware and ran "Theatricks by Starlight" for ten years. Being a Columnist for the Hancock Herald gave her the impetus to write a book on Small Town America and the American Dream. This gives her the chance to travel the country interviewing small towns, photographing the residents and finding out what they want and what makes them tick.  Whether shooting photos in her garden or studying history Ms. Present likes to see things in a new light. She says, "Being creative is coming up with something no one else has."

CASS COLLINS Cass Collins is a columnist for the River Reporter and a member of the Upper Delaware Writers Collective. See her videopoem "Dunowen" on You Tube.

"Trapped" by Judith Present

49 pages

20 color images




"Branches" by Cass Collins