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HIGH WATERMARK SALO[O]N Volume 2, Number 1

Matthew Klane, Doug Rogers & Beat Keerl

Created for an exhibit and performance at the High Watermark Salo[o]n, this collection features Portraits in Flux by Beat Keerl with poems by Matthew Klane and lyrics Doug Rogers. Projected and accompanied by dancers, photographs by Beat Keerl were the core of this salon. Written to Keerl's work, Klane's MK Ultra is a collection of experimental poem-portraits that can be read forward and backwards. Accordion player Doug Rogers won the hearts of the crowd with his songs from It's The Money Stupid.

DOUG ROGERS spent fifteen years in New York City, acting, writing, directing and especially writing songs for the downtown theatre scene. This with the troupe “Les Trois Guitar” and in the band “The Gurners” as well as in his own shows Felons in Heaven and The Sea Devil.Since then he has spent ten years in the wilderness, no longer acting or playwriting but still writing songs. A different kind of song. One that reverberates off the hills of the western Catskills. He now lives in Buffalo, New York.

MATTHEW KLANE is co-editor at Flim Forum Press (flimforum.com). His latest chapbooks include: The- Associated Press, Sorrow Songs, and Friend Delighting the Eloquent. Other work can be found in: wordfor/word, Plantarchy, and string of small machines. Also see: The Meister-Reich Experiments, an evolving hypertext, at housepress.org. He currently lives and writes in Albany, New York.

BEAT KEERL has exhibited in many locations in the USA and Europe. Born in Basel, Switzerland, he has been working from his studio in SoHo, NY since 1973. His work is in private collections and museums including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Orlando Museum of Art. Keerl’s work has also been published in a number of books including: Tools as Art, Hechinger Collection by Pete Hamill, Abrams, Inc 1995 and the camera i, Photographic Self-Portrait, LA County Museum of Art, by Robert A. Sobieszek and Deborah Irmas, Abrams, Inc 1994.

Doug Rogers

Beat Keerl

45 pages| 17 color images




Matthew Klane