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HIGH WATERMARK SALO[O]N Volume 1, Number 5

Liz Huntington & Diane Schaefer

Created for an exhibit and performance at the High Watermark Salo[o]n, this collection pairs artwork by Diane Schaefer with poems by Liz Huntington. A sequence of digital photos document the lives of Rudy Rowdy and Ronnie Dowdy. Their love is tested and healed by. The poems in Vault examine the arc of a romance: the thrill of a pole vault and the intimacy of secret vault unfold in twenty love poems. Readers relive the making of their own relationships in Huntington's words and in the Schaefer's dioramas.

DIANE SCHAEFER just carved out a studio in the garage. She teaches art at an elementary school and lives in a small house, making things that sit and happen, dinners and messes, just outside Buffalo. Her daughter Grace and son Benjamin are both nearly grown. Even so, she is happily confident the house will soon be too small.

LIZ HUNTINGTON's poems have appeared in the Red Cedar Review, the Echo, Phoebe and the Literary Gazette. She has produced several Read Aloud events, including the Walt Whitman Birthday Celebration Reading of “Song of Myself,” Cuentos De Mi Gente: A Bilingual Reading of Modern Latin American Writers, and the Emily Dickinson Ensemble. Her book length collection of poems is Whatever You Want.


47 pages |18 color images




Liz Huntington