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HIGH WATERMARK SALO[O]N Volume 1, Number 3

Dorothy Hartz, Sally Rhoades & Doris Cox

DOROTHY HARTZ is a native of Sullivan County, NY, currently living and gardening in Fremont Center. She is a retired teacher of English with an MA from SUNY Oneonta. Her poems and articles have appeared in local publications since 1997 when she returned to challenge Thomas Wolfe’s assertion that you can’t go home again. So far, so good. She is currently a grant coordinator for Delaware Valley Arts Alliance and a member of the Upper Delaware Writers Collective. She has considerable community theatre experience, both on and off stage, and is fluent in astrology.

SALLY RHOADES loves oysters, sardines and herring in creme sauce. She wrote her first poem July 16, 1978 called, “The Wall.” It was the beginning of thirty years of writing while she worked as an R. N. , a reporter and as a teacher of acting and dance. She has written plays and watched amazed as actors took up her words. She has performed dance in Chicago’s Links Hall, Seattle’s Festival of Alternative Dance(SFADI), Saratoga’s Museum of Dance, Troy’s Arts Day and in New York at Dance Theatre Workshop(DTW) in their Open Series. She has been a featured poet in Saratoga at Caffe Lena, in Albany at Cafe Web, the New Age Cabaret, Poets in the Park and at Borders Bookstore. She has been published in Arts magazines: The Champion, The Podium Press and in an anthology Peer Glass. She also contributes poetry to 8T3 at Swankwritng.com. Her regular monthly class called, “Standing On Your Bones” engages students from the ages of twenty to eighty in taking risks on stage, showing who they are. Some of her other dance works are: The Gatherer, I kissed truth gently on the lips, Satie and Possession. She received her R.N. in 1977, her B.A. In English in 1990 and her MA in English in 1995. She gave birth to two daughters, Alev and Sara, in 1985 and 1988, respectively. Her writing became a 2 AM labor of love & has continued through as her daughters grew into young women with their own accomplishments. She has been married to Hasan Atalay for twenty-two years. They live in Albany, NY.

DORIS COX, hailing from Long Island, has lived in Pennsylvania and Florida for the last two years. When living in New York, she had the opportunity to study with the renowned artists John Rogers and Charles Morrongello. Over the years, she has exhibited in a number of one woman and group shows. She is a member of the American Watercolor Society, East End Arts Council, the Big “D” Art League, and the North East Watercolor Society. Collectively, her work represents the “slice of nature” she inhabits.

art by Doris Cox


49 pages | 14 color images



Dorothy Hartz

Sally Rhoades