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(54 PAGES)

ISBN 978-0-9911878-5-0

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This poetry collection includes artwork by Terry Marker. See:

a shelf topped with books | JOHN EHAB

From a coffee break in Berlin to a funeral in Cairo and all the way down to the bottom of a sludgy well, John Ehab portrays an image of incompatible, inharmonious worlds. The poet attempts to grapple with the differences by traveling inwardly between contrasting poles or simply pausing in a state of confusion.

The location of each poem's inception is of equal importance to the feeling and experience of the poet. It is a journey of pain, longing and hope. It is an escape or a quest for that "best place," or maybe just for "a shelf, topped with books, topped with a shelf, topped with books."


JOHN EHAB is a poet and journalist who grew up in Cairo, Egypt and is now based in Central California. John composes his poetry in both English and Arabic—not only translating, but re-composing to capture the same rhythm and feeling.

Ehab has performed his poetry internationally in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the USA. He runs the non-profit initative LET'S MAKE A BOOK.