i know that this ritual

DAN BEACHY-QUICK: This book of "home thoughts" so quietly digs down into the old nostalgia, the very wound of origin, at once philosophical and personal, in mind and of place, that we feel when we realize we are no longer simply where we are from. Neither are we not where we are from. Such is our wounded nature, grown ambivalent simply by growing up and older. Brad Vogler re-initiates us into a ritual we all must undergo, rite of witness, rite of place-name, rite of mothers who in their own hand write letters to ask us our own dearest question: what's new with you? Countering the modernist hubris in which "make it new" is the given dogma, Vogler returns us newly to the old, tangled, familial roots. It is a "lower case love" not because it is unimportant but because it is the genius of what is in common. "This page," these pages, are "a lake space // happenings/going on // written underpinning // to witness." The page is a surface and a depth, a source of life, a fear of death, and strive humbly to do no less than witness the ritual not only by which life comes to be, but how it becomes meaningful.





i know that this ritual

Brad Vogler


poems & letters |64 pages | limited edition of 50



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CHRISTINA DAVIS: In i know that this ritual, Brad Vogler enacts what he calls a "geograglyphics," the cumulative, patient layering of monosyllabic entities (lake, shore, woods) that maps and unmaps an uninheritable, unbestowable hereness.

Niedeckerian (or early Grenierian) in its dextrous progression of particulates, Stevensian in its recognition of the coexistence of exactitude/inexactness ("the exact rock where his inexactness would discover…the view toward which they had edged"), Vogler's work is above all a testament to an elemental attendance. His and, by extension, the reader's.

His work demands the acknowledgment that places happen. Landscapes escape. The woods are no longer where we put them. The wilderness is what moves on: shore becomes "shored," sun becomes "sunned," a way (an approach) grows "away" (a distance)—in Vogler's meticulously plied pre- and post-positional poetics.


BRAD VOGLER is the author of three chapbooks: Fascicle 30 (Little Red Leaves Textile Series, 2013), Amid the Waves Which (Beard of Bees, forthcoming 2015), and errand : towards (Little Red Leaves Textile Series, forthcoming 2015). He works with Delete Press, and is the editor/web designer of Opon.

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