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ISBN 978-0-9819267-1-1


This Place Called Us |Lisa Wujnovich & Mark Dunau

Organic farmers Lisa Wujnovich and Mark Dunau document their passion for the slow food movement through poems and photographs. This collaboration grows out of their daily life on Mountain Dell Farm. Wujnovich's poems, entitled Hands and Knees, take us through the seasons, exposing us to the toil and joy she experiences through a full growing cycle. Dunau's photography collection, Sky to Plant, kaleidoscopes from aerial photos down to dirt-level: we see crop circles from an airplane then zoom down to close-ups of seedlings. We watch their children mature harvest after harvest. Page after page, we experience the internal and external landscapes of a farm family as it forges a sustainable relationship to the land.

LISA WUJNOVICH was born in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, the daughter of an oil painter and an Air Force Sergeant. She holds a BA in drama from Antioch College and numerous herbal certifications. She has performed and directed in theater, cabaret, and film. Lisa models much of her work after tovil dancing or devil dance (a healing dance) in which she apprenticed in Galle, Sri Lanka. She has mentored and worked with farm apprentices for nineteen years. Lisa has studied poetry at The Catskill Poetry Workshop, Hartwick College, Binghamton University and New England College. She is currently a MFA graduate student in poetry. For thirty six years, Lisa and her husband Mark Dunau have collaborated in theater, farming, politics, herbalism, parenting and writing. Their projects have taken them to Ohio, New Orleans, New Hampshire, New York City, Southeast Asia, and to their farm in upstate New York.

MARK DUNAU was born in Washington, D.C. in 1952, and is the son of two labor lawyers. He graduated from Antioch College in 1974 with a degree in drama. From 1969 through 1986 he wrote eight plays, all of which were produced. His play Glass was nationally toured for three years, and was the first play in history to be supported by grants from the National Science Foundation. In 1988 he moved to Mountain Dell Farm in Hancock, New York. Since 1990, he and his wife have been making their living as organic farmers. They have a son, Bera, and a daughter, Shane. Mark is politically active and has run for Congress three times. He is the author with Elizabeth Henderson of The Farmer’s Pledge of NOFA-NY. In 2008, Mark’s first new play in twenty years was produced at Antioch College. Support Our Troops (You’ll Know Where You’re Going When You Get There) is a political comedy about the Iraq War. Mark is currently an advocate and birdddogger for the self-employed: Don't Submit. See http://www.dontsubmit.org/

Cover Photos by Mark Dunau