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Conversations about Nature, Art & Spirit

Mary Olmsted Greene

The thirteen women interviewed by Mary Olmsted Greene in Women Outside: Conversations about Nature, Art & Spirit invite readers to reconnect with wilderness and wildness. These women share an intensity that comes from contact with nature. We read how their exchange with the non-human blossoms through artistic and spiritual practices. As associate editor of The River Reporter and as facilitator/founder of The Upper Delaware Writers Collective, Greene fosters awareness in individuals who are activists in their ecosystem. Here, we meet some of these women. She introduces us to a nine-year-old walking a streambed and an eighty year old living alone in the woods. We meet a wildlife rehabilitator, a shorthorn shepherd, a Sufi master, a Yoruba priestess, a dancer, a photographer, an activist, a gardener, a naturalist and a mountaineer. Their words are echoed in poems that examine the book's four sections: Earth's Daughters, Crossing Paths, Body Knowledge and Answering the Call. The book is 272 pages and features 12 interviews and 24 poems.

WOMEN INTERVIEWED: Kristin Barron, Eileen Pagan, Sandy Long, Krista Gromalski, Jenna Snow, Amy Gillingham, Stephanie Streeter, Karen MacIntyre, Peggy Hamill, Dorothy Hartz, Elizabeth Kaye Kaminski, Druis Ann Iya Oshun Koya Beasley and Mother Joan LaLiberte.

POEMS by Kristin Barron, Eileen Pagan, Sandy Long, Karen MacIntyre, Dorothy Hartz, Elizabeth Kaye Kaminski, Druis Ann Iya Oshun Koya Beasley, Lori Anderson Moseman, and Mother Joan LaLiberte.

MARY OLMSTED GREENE, a resident of Narrowsburg, New York, was born in Mexico City and raised at the New Jersey shore. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry from Brooklyn College. She is founder and director of the Upper Delaware Writers Collective which sponsors workshops, publications and events in the Upper Delaware River valley. She is also associate editor of The River Reporternewspaper in Narrowsburg. Greene's poetry has appeared in numerous national and local journals, and she has given readings and performances in venues all over the region. She has published two books of poetry, Where You're Going in this Dream and A Painting With You Running Through It, and her work has appeared in several anthologies. Her favorite wild place is the Atlantic Ocean.

Mary Olmsted Greene

Cover Photos by Sandy Long